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Carter, Elliott

In American music, Elliott Carter has long occupied a position of unique greatness. Trained at Harvard and in Paris, where he also had lessons from Nadia Boulanger, he settled in the United States, with various honors and grants and teaching assignments, including Columbia, MIT, Cornell, and Yale at the Juilliard School for a longer time. In American music, whether under the power of Ives, in youth, of Boulanger in Paris, or, in subsequent periods, of the American and European avant-garde, Carter was still a character of specific individuality both movements incorporated into his original work.

After his return from Paris, previous works published in America pushed for a while towards a nationalist idiom, perceived in Holiday Overture and Symphony No 1. A shift in theme, utilizing original technologies employed over the years, is reflected by his Double Concerto and Piano Concerto, the latter written in 1964-65 and dedicated to Stravinsky. Five-string quartets are used in his varied chamber music. He wrote a piece based on Ezra Pound's Canto 95, a Flute Concerto, and, in 2012, Twelve Brief Epigrams for piano before almost the end of his life, with Interventions for piano and orchestra in 2007.

Viola Compositions of Elliott Carter | Animato Strings


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