Telemann, Georg Philipp

Georg Philipp Telemann was a late Baroque German composer who created both holy and secular music. His church compositions, which spanned from minor cantatas to large-scale pieces for soloists, chorus, and orchestra, were particularly renowned. Telemann was a Protestant preacher who had a robust general education but no formal music training. Despite his early musical abilities, his family discouraged him from pursuing a career as a professional musician, which was neither appealing nor lucrative at the time. By self-teaching, he composed and performed a wide range of musical instruments, including the violin, recorder, oboe, viola da gamba, chalumeau, and clavier. He entered as a law student at the University of Leipzig in 1701, but musical activities quickly overtook him and consumed him for the remainder of his life.

Double Bass Compositions of Georg Philipp Telemann | Animato Strings


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