Carse, Adam

Adam Carse was a well-known cellist, and pianist, and has written two lovely works for cello and piano. The first, A Little Reverie, is a calm andante, while the second, Valsette, is a vibrant dance-like melody. Carse was an English composer known for his expertise in orchestral and instrumental history. He has over 350 antique wind instruments, which he donated to the Horniman Museum. Though Carse is best known for studying the history of instruments and orchestra, many materials he composed for young string players and pianists are still very much in demand and loved today. For some, he has been recognized for a long time as the author and the publisher of two significant books on orchestral history. He studied in Germany and was a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music of London. Many of Carse's compositions have been designed for students of diverse abilities. Two symphonies were his earlier compositions.

Cello Compositions of Adam Carse | Animato Strings


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