Feuillard, Technique For Cello Vl 4 (Delrieu)

"The Technique of the Cello" is a collection of eight volumes of progressive studies that are selected, annotated, and fingered by Louis R. Feuillard. Louis Feuillard (1872-1941) was a renowned professor at the Paris Conservatoire, as well as a chamber musician and a quartet cellist. His publications are known for their logical and progressive approach and are still considered valuable resources for anyone studying cello. Notably, he was a teacher to Paul Tortelier, a highly respected cellist. Volume 4 of this collection is titled "Technic of the Cello".

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Feuillard, Technique For Cello Vl 1 (Delrieu)

Louis Feuillard (1872-1941) was a cellist, chamber musician, and professor at the Paris Conservatoire. He taught Paul Tortelier, and his publications are invaluable resources for cello students due to their logical and progressive nature.

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