Feuillard, Technique For Cello Vl 4 (Delrieu)

    Feuillard, Technique For Cello Vl 4 (Delrieu)


    "The Technique of the Cello" is a collection of eight volumes of progressive studies that are selected, annotated, and fingered by Louis R. Feuillard. Louis Feuillard (1872-1941) was a renowned professor at the Paris Conservatoire, as well as a chamber musician and a quartet cellist. His publications are known for their logical and progressive approach and are still considered valuable resources for anyone studying cello. Notably, he was a teacher to Paul Tortelier, a highly respected cellist. Volume 4 of this collection is titled "Technic of the Cello".

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    Feuillard, Technique for the Cello Vol. 4 (Delrieu)

    "The Technique of the Cello" is a meticulously crafted set of eight volumes that offer a comprehensive approach to mastering cello playing. Each volume comprises a series of progressive studies carefully selected, annotated, and fingered by the legendary Louis R. Feuillard. As a professor at the Paris Conservatoire and a highly acclaimed chamber musician and quartet cellist, Feuillard's publications are notable for their clarity, precision, and logical progression. These invaluable resources are still widely used by aspiring cellists today. It is worth noting that Feuillard's exceptional teaching skills were recognized by Paul Tortelier, one of the most respected cellists of all time. Volume 4 of this remarkable collection is aptly titled "Technic of the Cello" - a title that accurately captures the depth and rigour of its content.

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    Louis Feuillard (1872-1941) was a cellist, chamber musician, and professor at the Paris Conservatoire. He taught Paul Tortelier, and his publications are invaluable resources for cello students due to their logical and progressive nature.

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