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Dominant Viola Strings

Dominant strings are used as a kind of benchmark in the string world.  They are a hightly flexible, multi-strand synthetic core string with the tonal warmth and feel of gut.  They will always be a solid choice for the Viola and Violin alike as they are relatively inexpensive and have a long life.

Dominant Viola Strings

Dominant C String For Viola

Viola 42 set - good for 17" viola ( string vibration length 42cm=16.5")

Viola 39.5 Set- Good for 16.5" (string vibration length 39.5cm=15.6")

Viola 38 Set- Good for 16" (string vibration length 38cm=15")

Viola 4/4 Set- Good for 15" (string vibration length 37cm=14.6")

Viola 3/4Set- Good for 13"-14"  (string vibration length 34.5cm=13.6")

Viola 1/2  Set- Good for 12-13"" (string vibration length 32.5cm=12.8")

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