Dragonetti, Domenico

Domenico Dragonetti was an Italian composer and double bassist. Dragonetti has earned praise for establishing bass line importance. In turn, making it his signature part when copying the cello lines was a common occurrence. His genius even took him to create today's convex bow. Domenico Dragonetti was the first - and probably the best - double bassist in Europe. He was born in Venice, a poor barber son, and was taught to take up the double bass by a nearby shoemaker. At 13, he was nominated to the Orchestra Buffa in Venice before becoming a St Mark's Orchestra member five years later. He was then the youngest Dragonetti who was prodigious in his new instrument. He found the famous Gasparo da Salò bass during those years, which he would perform for his entire lifetime. 

In 1794, Dragonetti traveled to London to play King's Theater operas and concerts. He met Giovanni Battista Viotti from Italy, where he developed a strong friendship as a duo partner with music. Here he met. During his career, the Venetian played before Emperor Napoleon in Prince Staremberg's castle, playing with Paganini and meeting Haydn, Beethoven, and several other great composers. Over his final years, he began giving large concerts, including at the Beethoven Festival in Bonn in 1845, just one year before he died. His obituary of April 1846 read: 'Dragonetti was the greatest performer of his age on the double bass - possessing the finest instinct of true excellence in all that concerns his art.'

Double Bass Compositions of Domenico Dragonetti | Animato Strings

Dragonetti Concerto for Double Bass and Piano (Liben)

With the generous support of Kolstein & Son, Ltd., Liben has been able to produce a totally new edition of this staple of the double bass repertoire.

David Walter has not only edited the work, but has provided an optional cadenza and program notes featuring the history of the work. This is the first complete edition of the work to be made available with Orchestra tuning as a standard. An Optional solo tuning Piano part that matches the new edition is also available.

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