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Hiscox Oblong Violin Case

Hiscox Oblong Violin Case- Please pre- order 

• Rectangular Violin Case – Full-Size Hard Case.

• Violin case with two bow holders in the lid 

• Large accessory box for rosin etc. 

• Fully padded instrument body area

• Complete with carrying strap.

• Empty weight: 2.6kg

• Body Length: 370mm

• English-made Hiscox cases are renowned for their strength and durability.  

• Unique Construction

$417.27 Price

Hiscox Oblong Violin Case With Sheet Music Cover

The Hiscox Oblong Violin case specifications:- Please pre- order

• Weight 3.1 kg

• Two bow holders

• Large accessory compartment for rosin etc.

• Fully padded instrument body area

• Carry strap

• Length 370mm

• Replaceable fitted cover

• Full-size music pocket incorporated into the cover

$508.18 Price


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