Marcello, Benedetto

Benedetto Marcello was born into a noble family, and he is often referred to as Patrizio Veneto (A Noble of Venice) in his works. Despite becoming a music student of Antonio Lotti and Francesco Gasparini, Benedetto's father wanted him to undertake a career in law. Benedetto was able to mix a legal and public-service profession with a musical career. In 1711, he was elected to the Council of Forty (Venice's central government), and in 1730, he was named Provveditore (district governor) of Pola. Marcello retired to Brescia after eight years as Camerlengo (chamberlain) due to his health being "impaired by the climate" of Istria. He died of tuberculosis in 1739.

Viola Compositions of Benedetto Marcello | Animato Strings


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