Dvořák, Antonín

Dvořák was a Czech composer of Romantic songs, and in addition to his native Bohemia, he employed the idioms of the traditional music of Moravia. Among Dvořák's most famous works is his Ninth Symphony, entitled "From the New World." As suggested by Brahms, Simrock engaged Dvorak to compose some Slavonic Dances for piano duets targeted at the lucrative domestic market. Soon Dvorak became an international star, seemingly instantly in certain countries. In one day, the sheet music in Berlin was sold out. Dvorak had happiness at the end of his term. He wrote a few brief orchestral pieces, and his masterpiece, Rusalka, was an opera. He was mourned as a national icon when he died of a heart attack after a brief illness, and his music is still commonly listened to today.

Viola Compositions of Antonín Dvořák | Animato Strings


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