Kalliwoda, Johann Wenzel

Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda was a composer and violinist from Bohemia, active mostly in Germany. In 1811, he joined the newly founded Prague Conservatory, studying violin with Friedrich Wilhelm Pixis (ii) and composition and theory with Bedřich Diviš Weber. He joined the Prague Theatre Orchestra in 1816 after graduating with distinctions, as did C.M. Its director, Von Weber, was about to move to Dresden. He left Prague in 1821 to embark on a virtuoso touring career that carried him to Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Prince Karl Egon II von Fürstenberg, fascinated by the musicianship of Kalliwoda, invited the young artist to become Kapellmeister at his court in Donaueschingen; after a brief visit to Prague, where he married the singer Therese Brunetti, Kalliwoda accepted the offer of the prince and, in December 1822, lived in Donaueschingen. He led the court ensemble, regularly performed as a violin soloist, arranged the nearby cathedral's musical events, and guided the court opera.

Viola Compositions of Johann Wenzel Kalliwoda | Animato Strings


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