Eccles, Henry

Henry Eccles was an English composer. In 1720, he first released his violin sonata in G minor for violin and figured bass, and subsequently was transcribed for cello and double bass. In 1713, he returned to France as a violinist to become part of the Duc d'Aumont, French envoy to Britain. In 1720 in Paris, he wrote 12 Violin Solos for Chevalier Joseph Gage, a deeply engaged gentleman in Paris's financial speculation.

Significantly, this book includes Giuseppe Valentini's Op. 8 borrowings included in the series of Sonata 1, 4, 8, and 9. (with single movements by Valentini incorporated into sonatas 3 and 10). Eccles himself seems to have been the most widely recognized sonata from this volume, number 11 in the G minor, while he excerpted from Francesco Bonporti'S Opus 10 the second movement, the Corrente. In 1723, Eccles recorded a further volume of sonatas with two additional sonatas for the violin's flute and figured bass.

Double Bass Compositions of Henry Eccles | Animato Strings


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