Holloway, Robin

Robin Holloway is an English composer, writer, and teacher. He is a fluent and gifted composer, regarded for his rapprochement with tonality and Romanticism in works including Scenes from Schumann. In St. Paul's Cathedral, Robin Holloway sang as a chorist and was practicing composition as a teenager with Alexander Goehr. His works from the 1960s reflect a modernist position that culminated with the First Orchestra Concerto (completed 1969). This mentality has stayed a strand of Holloway's thinking, as seen in works including Evening with Angels (1972), the well-known second orchestra concerto (1979), and two writings for the London Sinfonietta, Aria (1979-1980), and the double concerto (1987-88).

His analysis of vocabulary, style, and quotes for his doctoral thesis Debussy & Wagner pointed to a more complementary, divisive aspect of Holloway's musical personality. A collection of serenades and divertimento-type pieces for various chamber ensembles can be found on a more casual side of the same initiative. Holloway's discography contains the first recordings of the second and the third ensemble concertos at NMC, Ernst Kovacic, and Barry Tuckwell.

Double Bass Compositions of Robin Holloway | Animato Strings


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