Gabrieli, Giovanni

Giovanni Gabrieli was an Italian Renaissance composer and one of the most prominent ones of his time. Today, he is remembered for being one of the first composers to define instrumentation and volume markings in his music. His uncle, who even worked as Giovanni's first music teacher, raised him. Andres Gabrieli was one of the most productive and published composers of his period, serving as an organist at the Basílica di San Marco for the Duke of Bavaria. These connections were the ones that gave Giovanni his first job as a singer under Orlando de Lassus in the Bavarian court.

He was appointed organist at the Scuola Grande of San Rocco in 1585. Giovanni was one of the most renowned professors of his days and wrote: "grand ceremonial music" for students like Heinrich Schutz. His music is best known for the use of contrast, lack of dissonance, and harmony. Most of his work had been lost when Giovanni died in 1612. Even so, he is still celebrated for being one of the first composers to show instruments and volume marks in his compositions, for his various motets and madrigals, and he is justly known for his instrumental music.

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