Capriccio Double Basses

The Capriccio Double Bass is a large string instrument with a rich and deep sound, making it a popular choice in various music genres like classical, jazz, and rock. The instrument is played by plucking or bowing the strings, which requires skill and practice. The instrument's body is typically maple or spruce, while the strings can be made of steel, gut, or synthetic materials. To play the Capriccio Double Bass, you need to hold it between your knees and press down on the strings with your left hand while plucking or bowing with your right hand. This versatile instrument adds depth and richness to any musical performance.

Capriccio Double Basses

Capriccio Double Bass

The Capriccio Double Bass comes in all sizes down to 1/8. The capriccio bass comes with Maestro strings Upgraded, but you can upgrade to a different brand and pay for the difference if you wish.

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