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Wieniawski, Henryk

Henryk Wieniawski was a Polish violinist and composer who was regarded as one of the greatest violinists of the nineteenth century. Wieniawski was a child prodigy who enrolled in the Paris Conservatory at the age of eight and graduated with the first prize in violin at the astonishing age of eleven. At the age of 13, he started touring Europe with his pianist brother Joseph as a concert violinist. His extensive concert tours earned him international acclaim. He was named violin soloist to the Tsar of Russia in 1860, and he taught at the St. Petersburg Conservatory from 1862 to 1869. He toured the United States in 1872–74, performing with pianist Anton Rubinstein, and later taught at the Brussels Conservatory. Wieniawski was respected as a violinist for his deep, warm tone, radiant demeanor, and flawless technique. His violin compositions are Romantic in style and were written to showcase his virtuosity. He wrote two violin concertos, one in F-sharp Minor (Opus 14) and the other in D Minor, which is very successful (Opus 22). Le Carnaval russe (Opus 11), Legende (Opus 17), Scherzo-tarantelle (Opus 16), and études, mazurkas, and polonaises are among his other works.

Violin Compositions of Henryk Wieniawski | Animato Strings


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