Seitz, Friedrich

Friedrich Seitz was a Romantic Era composer from Germany. He was a concertmaster and a violinist who composed chamber music and eight violin student concertos.

Friedrich Seitz was a concertmaster and violin instructor who began his career in Magdeburg and then moved to Dessau in 1884. In 1893, he published his Op. 13 concerti. It is divided into three movements: a romantic Allegro non-troppo that straddles the line between concert and salon music, a nostalgic Adagio in a minor key, and a merry Rondo in 6/8 meter as the finale. It follows the facile e brillant tradition, achieving full effect with minimal technological demands while assuming the pose of a virtuoso concerto, as does almost any work by this enthusiastic music instructor. Its success requires a strong command of the first place, with good left- and right-hand coordination expected in the short passages. Simple double stops and détaché, legato, and elementary spiccato bowing are used to hone the learner's technological skills. Typically structured parts, such as a cadenza in the first movement and beautiful, unforgettable melodies, necessitate an innovative delivery: students discover how much fun 'virtuoso' music can be!

Bärenreiter's Concert Pieces collection contains familiar concertos and concert pieces for young violinists, and this version is part of that series. Kurt Sassmannshaus, an internationally renowned violin instructor, applied finger and bowing to the solo portion and describes the technical specifications in a brief preface.

Violin Compositions of Friedrich Seitz


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