Electric Violas

Electric violas are gaining popularity among musicians. At Animato, we offer high-quality electric violas suitable for classical and contemporary music. Our sleek and innovative designs cater to musicians of all levels. These versatile instruments can be connected to amplifiers or recording devices, making them perfect for live performances, studio recordings, or personal practice sessions. You can find the ideal match for your musical journey with a wide selection available. Visit our website and start your musical journey with an electric viola today.

Electric Violas

Yamaha YEV 105 Electric Viola/Violin

Yamaha YEV 105 Electric Viola/Violin Features:

• Modern and innovative style electric violin

• Made predominantly from wooden materials

• Crafted with six different kinds of wood

• Carefully crafted with an infinity loop-like design

• Beautiful yet astoundingly lightweight instrument 

• Delivers a smooth, organic, and warm tone.

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