Metronomes - Mechanical

Explore the wonderful mechanical metronomes available at the Animato Strings store in Australia. These metronomes are beautifully crafted and offer precise and reliable timing for musicians. With a classic design and sturdy build, they make a timeless addition to any musician's toolkit. If you're in the market for a high-quality metronome, it's highly recommended to check them out.

Metronomes - Mechanical

Mechanical Metronomes With Beautiful Colour Options

The metronome provides rhythms and beats accurately without the batteries because of its spring-driven design.

• Attractive and classic design

• Excellent mechanical structure

• Complete with the necessary tempo range and beat selection

• Very simple to use

$36.32 Price

German Wittner Metronome- Mahogany wood With Bell

This Wittner Metronome has been constructed with precision and care from selected hardwoods by German craftsmen.

• Traditional “pyramid” appearance 

• An elegant natural wood design. 

• The mechanics use the Maelzel system.

• The tempo is chosen by moving the counterweight along the pendulum

• The tempos available range from 40 to 208 beats per minute.

• A small sliding knob lets you choose a loud accented beat with a bell that sounds at 0,1,2,3,4 and 6.

• This bell will sound on the first beat of each measure.

• The wooden cover is easy to remove and latches onto the case.

• The mechanism is wound with a key to provide a playing time of 30-50 minutes, depending on the tempo.

$390.00 Price

German Wittner Metronome Taktell Piccolo

Wittner Metronome Taktell Piccolo is an inexpensive middle-sized portable metronome.

• mechanical pendulum metronome

• Pendulum motion provides visual sensing of tempo.

• Easy adjustable sliding counterweight

• Compact design.

• Loud sound

• Full tempo range from 40-208.

$108.18 Price

German Wittner Plastic Metronomes

This high-quality Wittner Metronome is a traditional-style pyramid metronome in a plastic casing without a bell.

• Pyramid black-wood grain/plastic material 

• Without a bell

• Adjustable speed from 40 to 208 bpm

• Dimensions: 8.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches

• 30 to 50 mins playing time

• Highly Accurate

Made in Germany by Wittner.

$171.82 Price

Taktell Super Mini German Wittner Metronome-Size 11cm*5cm*3.2cm

0Wittner Taktell Super-Mini metronome is a very accurate yet one of the world's smallest key-wound pendulum metronomes.

• Spring-driven traditional metronome

• The tempo range is from 40 beats per minute to 208 beats

• Precision-made with a nice black finish

• Clear plastic cover included

• Fits comfortably in a pocket or handbag

• Removable winding key for storage

Made in Germany.

$111.82 Price

Violin Mate Tuner By Cherub Technology

A quick, effective, and discreet tool to know whether their strings are perfectly in tune or need a slight adjustment.

• Clips onto your instrument’s peg, scroll, or peg box 

• Tunes by picking up vibration, allowing accurate tuning even in a noisy environment

• 180-degree rotating clip

• Portable and easy to carry and use anywhere

• Easy to operate – has one on/off switch and one mode of operation.

• Comes with 3V (CR2032) lithium battery

• Easy-to-read LED display

• An auto-off feature for conserving battery life

• Tunes at 440Hz

$18.14 Price

Linley Plastic Pyramid Metronome With Bell

The Linley metronome with a bell features a metal and plastic drive combination mechanism to improve wearability and accuracy.

• High-grade synthetic casing

• Metal and plastic drive combination mechanism

• Improved wearability and accuracy

• Metronome with a bell

• Walnut finish

• Over a decade of manufacturing metronome

$72.68 Price

Nikko Metronome

Japan-made high-precision metronomes are noted for their top quality and affordable price. 

• A timeless traditional pyramid design

• Thick transparent removable cover protection

• Made with a brass mechanism

• Simple and easy to use

• Adjustable tempo with a bell

• Reliable key winding

• No batteries are required

• Heavy-duty

$108.18 Price


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