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Leek, Stephen

Stephen Leek is an Australian composer, publisher, conductor, and teacher. The distinctive music of Stephen Leek is perhaps Australia's most played music worldwide. The instant recognizability of Leek's music is captured by the enigmas, the dramas, the textures, the colors, and the ethos of Australia. He is accredited with having made a significant impact on and a major contribution to the success of the composition and success of Australian choral composition and how over the past four decades it has been supported and discussed worldwide.

The coveted Robert Edler International Prize for Choral Music award he won at Darmstadt, Germany in 2003 is part of Stephen Leek's range of personal accolades. Referred by international judges for his ‘decisive influence’ on both the Australian music scene as well as the international choral society as a composer and conductor, Leek has been accepted into the pantheon of leading choral musicians and conductors worldwide alongside Conductors Freider Bernius, Karmina Selic, Maria Guinaund and institutions such as the World Youth Choir.

Cello Compositions of Stephen Leek | Animato Strings

Leek, Collections 1-5 for Solo Cello

tephen Leek's distinctive music is arguably the most performed Australian music around the world. Immediately recognisable, capturing the enigmas, drama, rhythms, colours and ethos of Australia, Leek's music is in constant performance by choirs and ensembles across the globe. He has been accredited with having made a significant impact on and a major contribution to the development of Australian choral composition and performance and on how it has been promoted and discussed throughout the world over the past 30 years.

Born in Sydney in 1959, Stephen Leek is an extensively commissioned freelance composer, conductor, educator and publisher. Teaching sessional composition and improvisation at the Queensland Conservatorium, 

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