TI Violin Strings

The TI100 set, a precision-engineered masterpiece, is specifically designed for professional musicians. These durable strings produce an open sound with a wide range of rich overtones, allowing you to express your musicality confidently. This set is part of Thomastik's 'Luthier Line' and is exclusively available to luthiers worldwide. The strings offer excellent playability, feel comfortable under the left hand, and produce a focused, brilliant sound.

TI Violin Strings

TI Violin String Set 4/4 by Thomastik-Infeld

Thomastik-Infeld Ti violin strings are now available to all musicians. They are known for exceptional quality and are designed to enhance various playing styles. The four-string set includes an aluminium-wound D string to brighten the sound of darker violins and a silver D string for a warmer sound and less bow noise.

• Focused sound

• Showcases the true colours of your instrument

• Comfortable feel in the left-hand

• Great bow response

• Excellent pitch stability

Set includes:

• Tin-plated carbon steel E String

• Aluminium/synthetic A String

• Aluminium/synthetic D String

• Silver/synthetic G String

Also available in silver/synthetic D String

$136.36 Price


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