Chinrest Comforters Viola

A Chinrest Comforter is great for anybody who cannot find a comfortable chin rest. Everybody has a differently shaped neck and chin and the chinrest comforter is the perfect solution to any nagging pains or discomfort. You simply place it over your original chinrest and it provides a comfortable pillow like feel. 

Strad Pad- Chinrest Soft Cover

The Strad pad is a soft cover for your chin rest that protects your chin and neck from discomfort or bruising.

• Standard Size - For Violin and Viola

• Attractive and neat looking

• Maintains tonal clarity

• Simple Velcro system attachment

• Washable

• Highly recommended for students

Strad Pad- Chinrest Soft Cover-Please choose an option (size and colour)

$59.55 Price


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