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Ice Mountain By Stephen Chin

After the snowy start, climbers get to work. The fast melody depicts their chiselling on an icy rock face. A calm middle section shows the view from the top before the chiselling continues down. Younger players will love this energetic piece with catchy tunes and strong harmonies.

For String Orchestra Grade 1.5

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This Train - Traditional American Arr. Stephen Chin

This arrangement of a popular spiritual is perfect for younger players. The melody is shared, making it easy for even the least experienced to participate. Clashing notes represent the train's whistle, while easily managed syncopated notes add spice and energy.

For String Orchestra Grade 1

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Renaissance Feast By Various Composers Arr. Stephen Chin

Enjoy your food, move your body to the beat, and have fun! This amazing set of seven compositions even features a piece by Henry VIII. Intermediate musicians will appreciate the diverse range of musical styles from different regions of the Renaissance era. The homophonic writing style is ideal for developing precise intonation and consistent bowing techniques.

For String Orchestra Level 2

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Telemann Suite By Telemann Arr. Stephen Chin

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 - 1767) is recognized as the most prolific composer of all time. He composed over 3000 pieces during his lifetime, including 1043 cantatas, 46 passions, 40 operas, over 100 concertos, 700 orchestral suites, and volumes of chamber music. The following 4 movements exemplify his elegant style and ability to craft appealing melodies, making them an excellent resource for ensembles to practice useful string techniques.

For String Orchestra Grade 1.5

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Lords of the Loch by Stephen Chin

Lords of the Loch is a festival piece for string orchestra, quartet, and optional string ensemble. It's inspired by Finlaggan, a Scottish loch with islands once ruled by lords known for producing and exporting harps.

For String Orchestra(s) Grades 1, 3.5 & 4

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Crystal Forest By Stephen Chin

This enchanting tone poem creates a peaceful atmosphere with its soft melodies and forest whispers. The sweeping beauty of the noble theme leads to a faster section with contrasting themes and variations. The string section uses various techniques to create a dynamic sound, featuring a brief solo quartet. The piece ends with a reference to the opening melody and the sound of a waterfall. Musicians will enjoy using their imagination to bring this musical landscape to life.

For String Orchestra Grade 3.5

$110.00 Price

Ghost Ship And Sailors Dance By Stephen Chin

Ghost ships have been a mystery for centuries, dating back to ancient Greek mythology. The music piece starts with an eerie opening and transitions into an alluring theme, played by the first section, which is later repeated by other sections. The "Sailor's Dance" is an energetic and attractive tune featuring a group of soloists before a stirring conclusion.

1. Ghost Ship

2. Sailors Dance

For String Orchestra Grade 1.5

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Prelude By Stephen Chin

This piece gradually expands harmony from a unison note, highlighting interesting texture. Younger musicians learn dissonance through gentle tonal clashes, while elementary players explore different bow speeds and lengths. It's a great introduction to the power of a string orchestra.

For String Orchestra Grade 1

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Galop By Bohm Arr. Stephen Chin

Carl Bohm (1844 - 1920) was a renowned composer and teacher for violinists. His famous pieces, "Moto Perpetuo" and "Galop," showcase double semiquavers and highlight the cellos in the latter. The work is shared around for everyone to shine.

For String Orchestra Grade 2.5

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Divertimento By Mozart Arr. Stephen Chin

Originally written for wind ensemble and later arranged for pianoforte, these charming movements have been carefully placed to give the sense of a fully integrated work. Some elements of this work are similar in vein to Mozart's famous "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik." Advanced intermediate players will enjoy the challenges of spiccato quavers, martele crotchets, measured tremolo, and lifted upbows, which are a must for developing precision and clarity in a more advanced string ensemble.

For String Orchestra Grade 3

$110.00 Price


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