Ice Mountain By Stephen Chin

    Ice Mountain By Stephen Chin


    After the snowy start, climbers get to work. The fast melody depicts their chiselling on an icy rock face. A calm middle section shows the view from the top before the chiselling continues down. Younger players will love this energetic piece with catchy tunes and strong harmonies.

    For String Orchestra Grade 1.5

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    Ice Mountain By Stephen Chin

    The composition begins with the sound of footsteps in the snow, which sets the tone for the start of an exciting adventure. The main melody of the piece is characterized by rapid and repeated notes that imitate the sound of a pickaxe chiselling away at the ice, as if the climbers are frantically trying to make their way up a steep and treacherous rock face. As the climbers reach the top, the music transitions into a calm and peaceful section, reflecting the breathtaking view that awaits them. The sense of urgency and energy returns as the climbers make their way back down, chiselling their way through the ice once again. This highly energetic composition, with its captivating and catchy tunes and strong harmonies, is an ideal choice for young musicians who are looking for an exciting and challenging piece to play.

    For String Orchestra Grade 1.5

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