Fiesta Barcelona By Stephen Chin

    Fiesta Barcelona By Stephen Chin


    Join the Barcelona party! This piece captures the fun and energy of the Spanish city with catchy rhythms and authentic flavour. Your ensemble will love it.

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    Fiesta Barcelona By Stephen Chin

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Barcelona and leave the castanets behind! The piece at hand perfectly captures the lively and exciting essence of this marvellous Spanish city. The infectious, upbeat rhythms are shared and celebrated throughout the ensemble, with even the double basses stepping up for a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Your ensemble will surely appreciate the use of the Phrygian mode and syncopated rhythms that lend Spanish music its distinctive and authentic flavour.

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    Two Postcards from Beijing by Stephen Chin (Grade 1.5)

    Beijing's summer gardens are a wondrous place for a nocturnal stroll. "Jasmine Nights" and "Dragon Fire" are two musical pieces that capture the essence of the city's beauty and excitement.

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    Three Sixteenth Century Dances By Stephen Chin

    This is an excellent intro to Early Music. Arbeau's second piece was later used in "Capriol Suite" by Peter Warlock. To add authenticity, improvise and add bass drum or tambour parts.

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    The Willows Of Skye & Fiddlin' In Aberdeen By Stephen Chin

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