Lords of the Loch by Stephen Chin

    Lords of the Loch by Stephen Chin


    Lords of the Loch is a festival piece for string orchestra, quartet, and optional string ensemble. It's inspired by Finlaggan, a Scottish loch with islands once ruled by lords known for producing and exporting harps.

    For String Orchestra(s) Grades 1, 3.5 & 4

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    Lords of the Loch by Stephen Chin

    Lords of the Loch is a grandiose musical composition that features an upper intermediate string orchestra, a solo string quartet, and an optional elementary string ensemble. The piece is a perfect fit for any festival, as it caters to a wide range of playing abilities. The inspiration behind this piece is drawn from Finlaggan, which is a loch located in Scotland and contains islands that were once governed by a system of lords in the medieval era. It is fascinating to note that this society was considered to be highly civilized, and they had a reputation for producing and exporting harps to the continent.

    For String Orchestra(s) Grades 1, 3.5 & 4

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