Renaissance Feast By Various Composers Arr. Stephen Chin

    Renaissance Feast By Various Composers Arr. Stephen Chin


    Enjoy your food, move your body to the beat, and have fun! This amazing set of seven compositions even features a piece by Henry VIII. Intermediate musicians will appreciate the diverse range of musical styles from different regions of the Renaissance era. The homophonic writing style is ideal for developing precise intonation and consistent bowing techniques.

    For String Orchestra Level 2

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    Renaissance Feast By Various Composers Arr. Stephen Chin

    As you sit down to your meal, let the music of the Renaissance transport you to another time and place. This remarkable collection of seven compositions, which even includes a work by Henry VIII, offers a delightful variety of styles from different parts of Europe. Intermediate players will relish the chance to explore these diverse musical traditions, while the homophonic writing style encourages the development of accurate intonation and uniform bowing techniques. So go ahead, indulge in good food, dance to the music, and immerse yourself in the magic of the Renaissance.

    For String Orchestra Level 2

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