Two Russian Folk Songs By Stephen Chin

    Two Russian Folk Songs By Stephen Chin


    "Two pieces, one idea: work hard, play hard. "The Volga Boatmen" has a shared melody and well-crafted counter-melodies. "Two Guitars" is fun and infectious, exploring spiccato quavers."

    1. The Volga Boatmen

    2. Two Guitars

    For String Orchestra Grade 2.5

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    Two Russian Folk Songs By Stephen Chin

    When these two pieces are played together, they create a vivid image of the concept of balancing hard work and play. "The Volga Boatmen" showcases a beautiful shared melody that is accompanied by skillfully crafted counter-melodies, creating a rich and harmonious sound. Meanwhile, "Two Guitars" is a lively and playful piece that captures the listener's attention with its infectious rhythm and explores the technical challenges of playing spiccato quavers. Overall, these two pieces are a perfect combination of hard work and fun, showcasing the beauty and complexity of music.

    1. The Volga Boatmen

    2. Two Guitars

    For String Orchestra Grade 2.5

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