Circus Treats By Stephen Chin

    Circus Treats By Stephen Chin


    The circus is thrilling! The Carousel waltz shares the melodic line. In Siberian Tigers, players can project a robust tone and imagine the majestic tigers. Happy-Sad Clowns contrasts major and minor tonalities.

    1. Carousel

    2. Siberian Tigers

    3. Happy-Sad Clowns

    For String Orchestra Grade 1

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    Circus Treats By Stephen Chin

    As the sound of trumpets fills the air, the crowd roars with excitement. The circus is a place of wonder and joy, where people of all ages come together to experience the thrill of the show. The Carousel, a waltz that shares the melodic line between its parts, is a simple yet elegant piece that teaches young musicians the art of playing off the beat. In Siberian Tigers, the strings of the instruments are struck with force to produce a robust tone that echoes the strength and majesty of the tigers that roam around in the minds of the players. Meanwhile, Happy-Sad Clowns contrasts the joyous tones of a major key with the melancholic notes of a minor key, taking the audience on an emotional journey through the familiar finger patterns of the players.

    1. Carousel

    2. Siberian Tigers

    3. Happy-Sad Clowns

    For String Orchestra Grade 1

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