Ghost Ship And Sailors Dance By Stephen Chin

    Ghost Ship And Sailors Dance By Stephen Chin


    Ghost ships have been a mystery for centuries, dating back to ancient Greek mythology. The music piece starts with an eerie opening and transitions into an alluring theme, played by the first section, which is later repeated by other sections. The "Sailor's Dance" is an energetic and attractive tune featuring a group of soloists before a stirring conclusion.

    1. Ghost Ship

    2. Sailors Dance

    For String Orchestra Grade 1.5

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    Ghost Ship And Sailors Dance By Stephen Chin

    For centuries, the enigmatic idea of a ghost ship has captured the imaginations of people around the world. Some believe it has its roots in ancient Greek mythology. The musical piece begins with an eerie opening that sets the tone for the rest of the composition. The first section then introduces an alluring theme, which is later echoed by the other sections. As the music unfolds, younger players are exposed to different musical textures, such as the use of pizzicato, tremolo, and double open strings. The "Sailor's Dance" is a dynamic and engaging tune that is sure to get the audience tapping their feet. During the storm-like middle section, the ensemble will have a lot of fun playing together. The section also briefly features a group of soloists before reaching a stirring conclusion. With its haunting melodies and energetic rhythms, this musical piece brings to life the mystery and allure of the ghost ship. 

    1. Ghost Ship

    2. Sailors Dance

    For String Orchestra Grade 1.5

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