Prelude By Stephen Chin

    Prelude By Stephen Chin


    This piece gradually expands harmony from a unison note, highlighting interesting texture. Younger musicians learn dissonance through gentle tonal clashes, while elementary players explore different bow speeds and lengths. It's a great introduction to the power of a string orchestra.

    For String Orchestra Grade 1

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    Prelude By Stephen Chin

    As the notes of this piece are played, harmony gradually expands from a single note, creating an interesting texture that captivates the listener. The gentle tonal clashes provide an opportunity for younger musicians to familiarize themselves with the concept of dissonance. Moreover, the constantly changing dynamics allow elementary players to experiment with different bow speeds and lengths, further enhancing their musical abilities. This piece serves as a perfect introduction to the sustaining and enveloping power of a string orchestra, as it showcases the beauty of each individual instrument and the harmonious blend they create as an ensemble. 

    For String Orchestra Grade 1

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    Gypsy Airs By Stephen Chin

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    Introduce your students to Russian classical music with "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Mussorgsky. "Promenade" links various pieces, while "Danse Caracteristique" features harmonics, syncopated accompaniments, and chromatic scales.

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    Three Sixteenth Century Dances By Stephen Chin

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    2. Hungarian Dance No. 2

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