Two Renaissance Pieces By Stephen Chin

    Two Renaissance Pieces By Stephen Chin


    Martin Peerson's "The Fall of the Leafe" depicts a beautiful autumn day with descending notes. Susato's "Battle Pavan" was part of court entertainment and featured a call-and-response style.

    1. The Fall of the Leafe

    2. Battle Pavan

    For String Orchestra Grade 2.5

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    Two Renaissance Pieces By Stephen Chin

    Martin Peerson (1571-1650), a renowned English composer, created a beautiful piece of music called "The Fall of the Leafe." Originally composed for a virginal, softer version of the harpsichord, the piece is known for its descending notes that evoke the wistful feeling of a beautiful autumn day. 

    Another notable piece of music is the "Battle Pavan" by a prolific composer, Susato (1500-1563). This piece was often performed as part of an evening's entertainment at various courts in the Netherlands. The arrangement features a call-and-response style between the sections, adding to the lively and engaging nature of the performance.

    1. The Fall of the Leafe

    2. Battle Pavan

    For String Orchestra Grade 2.5

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