Collin - Mezin Violin 1887 (F013)

Collin - Mezin Violin 1887 (F013)


Collin-Mezin Violin dated 1887. This as an unusual model for a Collin-Mezin violin, but the workmanship, the original label, and Collin-Mezin's authentic signature verify the maker.

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Labelled Collin - Mezin Violin 1887

Charles Jean Baptiste Collin-Mezin was a Parisian violinmaker in the 19th century, establishing a name for himself in contemporary circles. Joachim, a prominent violinist of the day, noted his fine craftsmanship and the brilliant tonal qualities of his instruments.

This as an unusual model for a Collin-Mezin violin, but the workmanship, the original label, and Collin-Mezin's authentic signature verify the maker.

It is in good condition, given its age. The sound is clear, noble, and not over-powering.

It is these features which make his violins still popular today.  

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