German-Made Helmut Illner A-Level Violin

    German-Made Helmut Illner A-Level Violin


    This German-Made Helmut Illner A-Level Violin Carved and varnished in Germany according to the specifications of German luthier Helmut Illner. 

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    German-Made Helmut Illner A-Level Violin

    Carved and varnished in Germany according to the specifications of German luthier Helmut Illner.  Helmut Illner has been one of the most influential and sought-after luthiers. He is now retired The varnish is antiqued in tawny amber shades.

    The European tone-woods have been naturally dried and aged for at least 10 years. The top plate is made from high-quality spruce with a fine grain. The back is made from well-figured maple.  

    This violin has rosewood pegs and an ebony fingerboard. To keep the costs down, these fittings were added by trained experts in China. 

    The violin is further optimized at Animato Strings. In this way, it competes favorably when compared to violins that have not undergone this optimization.


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