Didier Nicolas Violin c.1780 Mirecourt, France

Didier Nicolas Violin c.1780 Mirecourt, France


Check out this Didier Nicolas Violin made around 1780 in Mirecourt, France. Didier Nicolas is a French luthier who owns the workshop D. Nicolas Aine, one of the most successful violin companies in Mirecourt during the late 1700s and 1800s.

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Didier Nicolas Violin c.1780 Mirecourt, France

Didier Nicolas (1757-1833) is a French luthier. One of the most reputable names in the field of violin making. His workshop D. Nicolas Aine is one of the most successful violin companies in Mirecourt. Didier Nicolas meticulously and personally crafted his best instruments. His instruments were characterized as having a strong, clear, and mature sound, incomparable to most instruments in Mirecourt during the time. 

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