Violin Labelled Charles Gaillard 1867 (F007)

    Violin Labelled Charles Gaillard 1867 (F007)


    This is a Charles Gaillard 1867 Violin. Charles Gaillard was an apprentice of the prominent French violinmaker and restorer, Charles Adolphe Gand.

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    Charles Gaillard 1867 Violin

    Charles Gaillard was an apprentice of the prominent French violinmaker and restorer, Charles Adolphe Gand. His tutelage allowed Gaillard to develop a keen eye for fine craftsmanship and indeed, his violins are often noted for their beautiful designs and superior finishes. He favored a natural approach to varnishing, his instruments typically free of shading and artificial ageing. This violin shows his characteristic orange-brown finish, with a reddish tinge here and there.

    The violin dates from his residency at 20 rue Notre-Dame de Rouvrance in Paris, where he established independently.

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