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Leonidas Nadegini Violin C. 1920

Check out this Leonidas Nadegini violin made about 1920. Jean-Baptiste Leonidas Nadegini was a Ukrainian luthier who was awarded as gold medalist for sonority in Saint Petersbourg competition in 1907.

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Collin - Mezin Paris 1902 Violin

Ref. F001

This is a Collin - Mezin violin made in Paris in 1902. Charles Jean Baptiste Collin-Mezin (1841–1923) was a Parisian luthier an Officier de l'Académie des Beaux-Arts and won gold and silver medals in 1878, 1889, and 1900 at the Paris Exhibitions.

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Amedee Dieudonne Violin 1922

This French violin was made in 1922 by Amédée Dominique Dieudonné, who specialized in copying Cremona Masters and achieved a superior varnishing technique. He started his own workshop in Mirecourt after the First World War in the 1920s.

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Italian Copy of Geovanni Schwarz Violin c 1920

Check out the Italian Copy of Geovanni Schwarz violin made about 1920. Geovanni Schwarz was born in 1865 in Padua, Italy who by the influence and tutelage of his uncle Eugenio Degani honed his skills, established his own workshop, and won a gold medal in 1916 in Rome Italy.

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Stainer 4/4 Violin Germany

Ref. G005

This is the Stainer 4/4 Violin Made in Germany. Jacob Stainer was an Austrian luthier whose violins are being sought after by famous composers and musicians like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, and George Somon-Lohein. He was the only non-Italian violin maker to rank as the top luthier in his time before Stradivari.  

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Collin - Mezin Violin 1887 (F013)

Collin-Mezin Violin dated 1887. This as an unusual model for a Collin-Mezin violin, but the workmanship, the original label, and Collin-Mezin's authentic signature verify the maker.

$25,000.00 Price

Ryszard Osowski Violin Model BR with Certificate

Check out this Ryszard Osowski Violin Model BRP with Certificate. Ryszard Osowski is a Polish luthier who was able to gradually perfect the sound and quality of his instruments, concentrating more on building his own stringed instrument, passionately rearing towards crafting highly advanced violins.

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Orfeo Carletti Violin 1932 (I14)

We have here the Orfeo Carletti Violin made in 1932. Orfeo Carletti is an Italian violin maker who opened a workshop together with his father and brother in Bologna. 

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Didier Nicolas Violin c.1780 Mirecourt, France

Check out this Didier Nicolas Violin made around 1780 in Mirecourt, France. Didier Nicolas is a French luthier who owns the workshop D. Nicolas Aine, one of the most successful violin companies in Mirecourt during the late 1700s and 1800s.

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