Giuseppe Marcello Violin Outfit

Giuseppe Marcello Violin Outfit


The Giuseppe Marcello Violin Outfit Includes:

• Good Standard Bow

• Good Standard Case

• Good Rosin

Setup & Warranty:

• This instrument has been set up by Animato and enjoys a full-year warranty.

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Giuseppe Marcello Violin Outfit

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  • Good Standard Bow
  • Good Standard Case
  • Good Rosin

Setup & Warranty:

This instrument has been set up by Animato and enjoys a full-year warranty that applies to all new instruments for general maintenance.

This beautiful handmade Giuseppe Marcello violin features a dark maple flamed two pieces back with an attractive dark-coloured single-piece spruce top. It has been fitted with an ebony fingerboard and a carefully selected hand-carved bridge.

This violin has a strong and full tone and is very responsive on the lower strings with a bright and crisp upper register.

The Giuseppe Marcello violin is very even across each register and features a wonderful finger action and response. The Giuseppe Marcello violin comes with a new basic bow, basic case, and rosin - upgrades are available and recommended for this instrument.

This instrument is a top-of-the-range violin. Suitable for the most discerning player. 

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Marcello Violin Outfit

The Marcello violin outfit includes:

• Upgraded Strings (Il Canone Solo by Larsen for the 4/4 size and Evah Pirazzi for the smaller sizes)

* Titanium/ebony chin rest

• Very good Rosin

• Good Standard Bow

• Oblong case

Setup & Warranty:

Animato has set up this instrument and it has one year warranty.

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