Marcello Violin Outfit

    Marcello Violin Outfit


    The Marcello violin outfit includes:

    • Upgraded Strings (Il Canone Solo by Larsen for the 4/4 size and Evah Pirazzi for the smaller sizes)

    * Titanium/ebony chin rest

    • Very good Rosin

    • Good Standard Bow

    • Oblong case

    Setup & Warranty:

    Animato has set up this instrument and it has one year warranty.

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    Marcello Violin Outfit

    Product Description

    Coupon Code: SAVE20

    Use the code at the end of the check-out procedure. This will reduce the amount by 20% to $1495.20 for a full-size violin and $1395.20 for smaller ones.

    This must be one of the most beautiful-sounding violins for this budget!

    Play this violin, and you will be truly delighted.

    Quality-controlled by Dietrich Lasa with a proper set-up, including a new French Bridge, new Bavarian soundpost, planning fingerboard (if needed), peg fitting etc.

    This outfit includes:

    * Upgraded Strings (Il Canone Solo by Larsen for 4/4, Evah Pirazzi for 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 size

    * Titanium/ebony chin rest

    * Very good Rosin

    * Good Standard Bow

    * Oblong case

    Setup & Warranty:

    This instrument has been set up by Animato and has one year warranty.

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