Jehanne H. Blaise Violin Mirecourt c. 1925 (F41)

    Jehanne H. Blaise Violin Mirecourt c. 1925 (F41)


    Jehanne H. Blaise Violin, made in Mirecourt about 1925:

    • Good choice of tonewoods
    • Orange-red coloured varnish
    • Two-piece flamed maple back
    • Produces warm, dark, clear, and mature voice
    • Good resonance

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    The Jehanne H. Blaise Violin Mirecourt c. 1925

    This violin was made by Jehanne H. Blaise in Mirecourt a violin-making town in France. Blaise's good choice of tonewoods can be seen beautifully under the intensively orange-red colored varnish. Blaise mostly uses regularly grained spruce on top and flamed maple from Vosges mountains on its two-piece back. As a result, his violins express a warm and dark voice, with clarity, maturity, and good resonance.

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