Kun Original Violin Shoulder Rest

    Kun Original Violin Shoulder Rest


    The Kun Original shoulder rest is based on the earliest handmade model and has remained the favourite of amateur and professional players. 

    • Practical, uncomplicated design

    • Simple adjusting mechanisms

    • Adjustable in three directions

    • The end members are fitted with a patented locking device

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    Kun Original Violin Shoulder Rest

    The practical, uncomplicated design of the Kun Original shoulder rest is based on the earliest handmade model. With its simple adjusting mechanisms, the Kun Original has remained the favourite of amateur and professional players. This rest is adjustable in three directions, and the end members are fitted with a patented locking device to ensure that it will not fully rotate to touch the instrument.

    Available for the following sizes: 4/4, ½-3/4 and mini (1/16-1/4).


    "I am glad to say that the Kun Original shoulder rest is my favourite shoulder rest. It is durable, comfortable, and fits on both of my violins. Not only this, but it has a very convenient shape for shoulder position and a practical height......all of my teachers have recommended the Kun shoulder rest. In fact, most of the violinists and violists in my orchestra use this brand. In my opinion, the Kun is the best type of shoulder rest there is. I would recommend the Kun shoulder rest over any shoulder rest to anyone. I am really glad to be the owner of a Kun shoulder rest..."

    - Brandon T.

    "Thank you so much...This is my second Kun rest, and I absolutely love it! You have wonderful products and great service as well..."

    - Clara D.

    A note on the Kun Original:  The T-shaped feet on this model should not be removed to make the rest fit into your instrument case. Regularly pulling the foot and round drum out of the L-shaped end member and reinserting it weakens the composite plastic from which the shoulder rest is made and can damage the shoulder rest. If you need a more compact rest, try the Kun Collapsible or Solo model, which folds for easy storage.

    The Original also cannot be modified with Collapsible end members. 

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    Bon Musica Replacement Feet

    Replacement feet for the Bonmusica violin shoulder rest can be screwed into the end to be secured. 

    There are different sizes available. Please choose a size.

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    VLM Diamond Violin Shoulder Rest

    An ergonomically designed shoulder rest has been carved from a beautifully flamed Bosnian maple designed and made by Viva La Music Augustin in Slovenia.

    • For full-size violins

    • Extreme Light Weight. 

    • Flexible Metal End Members. 

    • Elegant Rubber Cover of the Feet.

    • Height and length can be adjusted.

    • 360 Degree Circular Lateral Adjustment.

    • Ergonomic Wooden Base Member Form. Beautiful Maple. 

    • Minimized contact with the violin ensures a better sound.

    • With an additional cleaning cloth.

    • Available in Dark or Light

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    Wittner Shoulder Rest ISNY

    Handcrafted from the finest grade-A ebony artistically designed for beauty and durability. This is for violins fitted with a Wittner Chin Rest. Please choose the other Wittner shoulder rest for conventional chin rests.

    • Universal adjustment possibilities

    • Central Mounting

    • No loss of sound

    • Dispersible in small parts

    • Hypo-allergenic

    • Ultra-light

    • Ergonomic design

    • Very flexible

    • Adaption to the shoulder

    • With a screwdriver included

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    Wolf Shoulder Rest Rubber Tube

    The Rubber tube to replace the original rubbers on the Wolf shoulder rests for the violin, and viola allows you to replace the worn-out rubber tubes on your shoulder rest feet. It also contains four-cell rubber tubes.

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    Replacement Kun Adjustment Knob

    • It is a replacement for the nut.

    • This replacement part fits any Kun Original Shoulder Rest.

    • No need to replace a whole shoulder rest for a broken or lost part. Just replace the part!

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    Coloured Wolf Secondo Shoulder Rest

    The Wolf Secondo is a robust and dependable violin shoulder rest used by many violinists for years. 

    • Rubber padded

    • Ergonomically curved bar

    • Height adjustable from 0.5cm to 8cm

    • Sliding width adjustment on one end

    • Available in 4/4, 3/4 and, 1/2, 1/4 sizes

    • Height and pitch adjustable with screw-on swivelling legs

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    Bon Musica Violin Shoulder Rest

    The BonMusica Violin shoulder rest features a pliable metal base, allowing for a high degree of adjustment and a customizable fit. It is made in Germany.

    • Fits 4/4 Violin

    • Height and Width Adjustable

    • Padded Curved Adjustable Base for Precise Fit

    • Great For Players with Previous Injuries or Arthritis

    $119.09 Price

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