Kun Replacement Foot - Middle Length

Kun Replacement Foot - Middle Length


The Kun shoulder rest replacement fork member (Kun feet) can be used to replace old and perished fork members.

• Replacement for old and perished fork members

• For medium-height forks

• Ensures players' comfort with long necks

• Provide a solid grip on the instrument

• Over-moulded with the latest elastomer technology

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Kun Leg/Replacement Fork Member for Kun Shoulder Rests - Middle Length

The Kun shoulder rest replacement fork member (Kun feet) can be used to replace old and perished fork members. You can use this medium height to customize your shoulder rest, making it the perfect height to suit your comfort. They can be fitted to your standard Kun Shoulder rest.

The forks are over-moulded with the latest elastomer technology providing a solid grip on the instrument with a brass screw for Kun's shoulder rests. The shorter screw goes into the L-shaped "end member" on the higher/wider end, and the long screw goes into the lower/narrower end of the shoulder rest.

These feet are sold per piece. You install the long fork on the narrow part of the shoulder rest and replace the wide part of the short fork with the middle-long fork you just removed from the small part of the base.

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