Gliga III - 7/8 Violin Outfit

Gliga III - 7/8 Violin Outfit


Gliga III - 7/8 Violin Outfit

• For the advanced student

• Excellent for both solo and orchestra

• Producing a full range of tonal colors

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Gliga III - 7/8 Violin Outfit

The Gliga violin is an outstanding instrument for advanced students. This versatile violin performs exceptionally for solo and orchestral work, producing a full range of tonal colours. The Gliga I is available in a beautiful 'Antiqued' finish, refined to produce a remarkably attractive instrument.

This violin is crafted with similar specifications to the 'Gliga II' but with better grade timbers.  The luthiers have paid more attention when crafting the contouring of the body and scroll and the thickness of the plate.

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Mirecourt Violin c 1930s L'Humbert Label

This is a Mirecourt Violin made around the 1930s with the label of a French luthier named L'Humbert. Emile L'Humbert is a French luthier who  settled in rue de Passy in Paris in 1906 and began to make beautiful instruments until 1920 for Parisian luthiers.

$1,177.27 Price

Strad Violin Copy Czechoslovakia

This violin is a copy from the world-renowned violin maker Antonio Stradivari made in Czechoslovakia. Antonio Stradivari is a renowned Italian violin maker who was said to have brought the craft of violin-making into its highest pitch of perfection. 

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Eastman Violin

The following features characterize the Eastman Violin:

• Entirely hand-carved from a traditional selection of solid tonewoods

• Spruce top and maple back, ribs, and scroll

• Ebony fingerboard, pegs, and chinrest

• Genuine hand-inlaid purfling

• Stradivari pattern

• The violins are available in sizes 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 & 4/4.

• Includes a good timber bow

• There is an option for a fibreglass bow- these are strong and great for the school environment

The outfit also includes rosin and a high-quality shaped plywood case.

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French Violin Old SP Crack Repair

This is an old French copy of a Stradivarius Violin with Crack Repair. This violin replicates one made by Antonio Stradivari, a famous Italian violin maker. His violins are among the world's most expensive, and he learned from Nicolo Amati before creating his own. Antonio was born in 1644 and passed away in Cremona in 1737. 

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French Basic Violin c. 1900

This is a French Basic Violin made about 1900. One of Animato Strings' largest selections of new and old instruments in Australia including Asian-handcrafted instruments, new European instruments, and a wide range of antique stringed instruments.

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Gliga II Violin Outfit

The Gliga II Violin Outfit comes with the following:

• Free Shipping

• Lightweight Oblong Case with Back Pack Straps

• Articul Carbon Fibre bow

• Violino Strings

• Ultralight Tail Piece

• Free professional setup

$686.36 Price

4/4 Amati Violin 2016

This is a 4/4 Amati Violin dated 2016. Nicola Amati, born on September 3, 1596, was a renowned luthier from Cremona, Italy, who taught at the Cremonese School of luthiers. He mentored famous luthiers such as Andrea Guarneri, Giovanni Battista Rogeri, Jacob Stainer, Francesco Rugeri, and Antonio Stradivari.

$1,359.09 Price


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