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    Mezzo-Forte Carbon Fiber Viola (Available In 15 And 16.5 Inch)

    Mezzo-Forte Carbon Fiber Viola (Available In 15 And 16.5 Inch)


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    People are surprised that a material other than wood can sound this great.  Mezzo-forte carbon fiber violas have a sound that is warm and brilliant.  The projection is amazing and the playability makes higher positions very comfortable.  This viola comes in two sizes 15 inch and 16.5 inch.  You can also choose between hybrid (which has a pick up incorporated) or non-hybrid.

    Mezzoforte began developing carbon fiber instruments in 2009 after having great success with their carbon fiber bows. This involved technical construction,  molding and experimenting with sound.  After three years, they completed development of the violin in late 2011 and the viola was completed in early 2012.  These violas are fully manufactured in Germany and set up in the Mezzoforte workshop by an experienced luthier.  They are tested rigorously prior to being sold.

    Each instrument comes with a certificate of authenticity and a unique serial number to make them easy to identify.

    Mezzo-forte's instrument have won awards in competitions against traditional wood instruments.  In 2015,  Mezzoforte's carbon fiber violin came first at a German musical instrument awards-  the Deutschen Musikinstrumentpries.  The annual competition recognises excellence in contempory instrument making in Germany.  The instruments were compared in blind tests to evaluate their sound quality and acoustic performace and then detailed examination of the craftmanship and the ratio of price to performance.  The beauty of this carbon fiber violin is its accessible price in comparison to the wooden violin that came second in these awards.  The Guarneri replica made by highly decorated lutier Andreas Haensel  was valued at $20,000 USD.

    Making an instrument from carbon fiber has other advantages:

    They are not affected by climate changes such as humidity or temperature

    Carbon fiber is strong and stable

    They are striking in appearance

    Ideal for travelling and playing outside


    Body: two piece, layered carbon fiber. Strengthened at upper and lower blocks

    Fingerboard:  15" Spruce fiber composite injection moulded

    16.5" ebony 

    Nut:   Composite

    Lower saddle:   integrated into body

    Pegs:    Wittner fine tune

    Sound post: spruce- this allows your luthier to make adjustments

    Bass bar: carbon fiber

    End button: Rockinger, screwed

    Tailpiece:  Wittner composite

    Lacquer: Two component

    Proof of authenticity:  Laminated serial number

    Hybrid:  Integrated Fishman V400, modified system with ¼“ carpenter jack

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