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Intelli Microphone For Tuner

The Intelli IPM-100 clip-on tuner is an accessory mic clip at an affordable price. 

• Ideal for guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin, viola, cello, or any similar instrument

• 3-foot Cord

• Easy to put on and take off.

• A very versatile pick-up 

• A practical partner to any tuner with a 1 1/4 "(6mm) input socket.

• Isolate your instrument from the sound when set in loud environments.

$16.95 Price

Korg Tuner CA-2

The ideal compact tuner for brass band or orchestra, now with a stylish new look.

• A large note name display for even better visibility.

• A needle-style meter with a large high-visibility note name and string name

• A limited edition is now available as a chic silver model.

• A compact body that's slim and lightweight

• Tuning function suitable for a variety of instruments

• Approximately 200 hours of continuous use

• A wide range of pitch detection covers any instrument

• Adjustable calibration for a wide range of concert pitches

• Sound mode emits a reference tone from the built-in speaker

$36.05Regular price $39.05 Price

Korg Metronome And Tuner (TM-60)

The TM-60 is the tuner/metronome that’s even more convenient and easier to use.

• Equipped with a high-precision tuner and metronome function that can be used simultaneously.

• The display is approximately 1.3 times the size of the previous model (TM-50)

• Backlit LCD ensures excellent visibility even in dark locations.

• LCD needle-type meter detects the pitch instantly.

• A wide detection range of C1–C8 supports a broad range of instruments.

• Calibration is adjustable to match various concert pitches.

• Sound Out mode and Sound Back mode are great ways to train your ear.

• Metronome features a wide tempo range from 30 to 252 beats/minute.

• Convenient memory backup function and auto power-off function.

$63.59 Price

Korg KDM-3 Metronome

The KDM-3 is well-known for its powerful, easily-heard sound and compact size. 

• Stylish mechanical metronome design.

• Eight metronome sounds

• Nineteen beat patterns

• Easy one-touch operation 

• Easily-readable display.

• Three types of tempo settings

• Sound Out mode

• Timer mode 

• Memory Backup function 

• Auto Power-Off function

• Long-life design 

• Featuring a natural wood front panel

$94.18Regular price $108.18 Price

Intelli Metronome/Tuner 5 in 1 IMT801

Metronome, Tuner, Pitch Generator, Thermo-Hygro Meter, and Metronome + Tuner Multitasking Mode.

• Built-in speakers 

• Tunes Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, and Ukulele

• 88-note pitch generator 

• Temperature range -10°c - +60°c

• Humidity range 20% - 90% 

• 3x AAA batteries included

$127.27 Price

D'Addario Equinox Rechargeable Clip-on Tuner

The D'Addario Equinox USB Rechargeable Clip-on Tuner is a fully chromatic clip-on tuner precisely tunes guitars, basses, and various stringed instruments in no time. 

• Fully chromatic clip-on tuner

• Bright, full-colour vertical display

• Dual swivel display for the perfect viewing angle

• Auto power-off

• Pitch calibration from 430-450 Hz

• Features 24 hours of tuning per charge

• LCD screen indicates charging

• 1 ft. USB cable included

$40.91 Price

D'Addario Rechargeable NEXXUS 360 Tuner

D'Addario Rechargeable Nexxus 360 headstock Tuner is your ready-to-go tuner, allowing you to accurately and quickly tune your instrument without the hassle of replacing batteries.

• 24 hours of tuning time per charge

• 360 Rotating Display for limitless positioning

• Extra bright LED display

• USB cable included

$54.55 Price

AROMA AT-102 Clip Tuner

The Aroma AT-102 Rechargeable Chromatic Clip-On Tuner is a super-fast, accurate digital tuner with no batteries required.

• Clip-on tuner with a vibration sensor for accurate tuning

• Extra-long clip arm rotating 360 degrees and tilting 180 degrees.

• Easy to operate with control buttons for different operational modes. 

• Tuning accuracy = +/- 0.5 cent

• Easy to read, colourful LCD

• Micro USB charging cord

• Pitch range: 430-450Hz

• Dimensions: 79mm x 31mm x 34mm

• Weight: 22g

• One charge will power 5.5 hours of continuous use

• Auto-off feature for battery conservation.

$32.68 Price


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