Tuning Forks and Pitch Pipes

Tuning Fork

• The simplest way to tune the 'A' string

• Vibrates 440 times per second 

• International standard for the 'A' tone

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FOM Tuning Fork On Resonance Box

• 440 Hz tuning fork

• A resonance box

• Produces a strong, clear sound

• Resonates Longer

• A rubber mallet to strike the tuning fork

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John Walker Tuning Fork A-440

• Made from hardened, tempered blue steel

• Each fork ships in a reusable plastic pouch

• Professional Grade

• 440Hz 

• Tuned at 20°C

Made in England. 

$17.95Regular price $19.95 Price

Maestro PitchPipe for Violin

This vintage Pipe is small, handy, easy to use, and surprisingly accurate for tuning a violin or mandolin. 

• Approximately 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" 

• Comes with original plastic case (approx. 2"x 2")

• Brand: Heriba

• Type: Pitch Pipe

• Colour: Silver

• Model A-440

• Suitable For Violin & Mandolin

• Made in Western Germany

$11.36 Price

Wittner Tuning Fork on Resonance Box

This 440 Hz tuning fork with a resonance box is good for tuning instruments.

• A-440 tuning pitch

• Chrome-plated Fork

• Beautiful wood resonator box mount

• Strong, clear sound

• Resonates long

• Comes with a rubber mallet 

$123.64 Price


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