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Bass Buggie

Bass Buggie

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Bass Buggie

What is a Bass Buggie?

The Bass Buggie is an easy to use lightweight trolley-type transport system.

Where was it designed?

It was designed in the USA with the input and thoughts of working bass players specificially designed for bass players.

What does it consist of?

It consists of a pair of webbing straps that run through the body of a two wheel chassis or "cart". At the front end of the Bass Buggie is a moulded plastic loop which fits over the endpin unit of your bass. At the other end - the straps run through a spacer bracket and up towards a length adjuster buckle. A bungee cord with end stops is then used to secure the system in place.

So the bungee cord just goes around the neck of my bass and clips into the hook on the side of the adjuster buckle bracket.

Yes - that’s all there is to it. The system is incredibly easy and quick to use.

The straps are made from industrial strength webbing.

The chassis is made from high impact moulded plastic.

So it is very durable?

Yes indeed.

The Bass Buggie, additionally, incorporates a number shock absorption features.. A flexible chassis coupled with superb quality wheels and tires all help absorb shock from the sort of lumps, bumps and fissures that are commonly found in most pavement surfaces. For any surfaces that are less than smooth the manufacture has come up with the "Buggie Cushion". The high density foam cushion can quickly and easily be affixed to the body of the Buggie by means of a pair of Velcro strips that are attached to the back of the cushion.

Do you know if they incorporate ball bearings for an ultra smooth ride?

Quality steel roller bearings at the centre of the wheel hub reduce wear and friction and allow the wheel to turn incredibly smoothly even under high loads. The tyres too help to provide the Bass Buggie with an ultra smooth ride.

I have to say - the tyres do look pretty high-tech.

Do you know what they are made from?

They are made from a "non-marking" durable elastomeric compound - very similar to that found in high performance inline skates.

Is it easy to push?

The Bass Buggies has a super smooth rolling action and is virtually tireless to use.

With my bass on the Bass Buggie - is it easy to maneuver?

Yes. The Bass Buggie has a very small turning circle. Once you start using it - you'll find that it is quick and easy to change direction.

If my bass has its cover on - can I still use the Bass Buggie?

Yes. You can attach it to a bass with or without its cover on.

What size instruments can the Bass Buggie accommodate?

It can be used with any instrument from 1/10th size to 4/4 size.

How much room does the Bass Buggie take up and how much does it weight?

In total length the chassis of the Bass Buggie is only 38cm long. In width and height it only measures 16cm x 16cm. For travel or storage the straps can conveniently be wrapped around the chassis. This will only add approximately a centimetre or so to the width. In terms of weight the Bass Buggie without the Buggie Cushion weighs a mere 1.4kg.

Can I balance my bass on The Bass Buggie?

Yes. A correctly adjusted front strap will allow your bass to stand upright on its own.

However a word of warning. Do not leave your bass unattended in the standing position. The Bass Buggie is not intended to be used as a stand.

What advantages does the Bass Buggie have over and above buying a bass wheel?

The main advantage apart from its stability, manoeuvrability and superior ride ability is that the Bass Buggie doesn’t put any sort of pressure or twisting force on the lower block of the double bass.

So using the Bass Buggie is much safer for my instrument than using a wheel?

Yes indeed. A secondary advantage is that you don't need to remove the endpin or find somewhere to store it.

What sort of surfaces is the Bass Buggie designed for?

The Bass Buggie works exceptionally well on smooth surfaces and pavements such as those found at college or university campuses, hotel lobbies, station concourses and of course airport lounges. On the rougher type of pavements and streets, the Bass Buggie out-performs most other products on the market.

Description: Trolley transport system for double bass

Design Usage: Instruments from 1/10th – 4/4th size

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