Eccles, Henri

Henry Eccles was an English composer. He was the younger brother of composer John Eccles and the son of composer Solomon Eccles. Henry Eccles joined the entourage of the Duke d'Aumont, the French envoy to Britain, as a violinist, and returned to France with him in 1713. 

Twelve Solos for the Violin, dedicated to the Chevalier Joseph Gage, an English gentleman deeply interested in Parisian financial speculation at the period, was written in Paris in 1720. This set of sonatas is renowned for including borrowings from Giuseppe Valentini's op. 8, which were used to put together sonatas 1, 4, 8, and 9. While he excerpted the second movement (the Corrente) from Francesco Bonporti's Opus 10, the most well-known sonata from this volume, number 11 in G minor, seems to be mostly Eccles' own piece. Eccles issued the second volume of Sonatas for Violin and Figured Bass in 1723, along with two additional sonatas for flute.

Violin Compositions of Henri Eccles | Animato Strings


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