Artino Cello Pin Stopper

    Artino Cello Pin Stopper


    Artino resonance pin stoppers improve cello playing with ease, comfort, and better sound.

    • Ergonomic pinhole

    • Non-slip rubber padding

    • Produces a rich and full sound

    • Support strap with adjustable length

    • Made of hollow-bodied walnut and rosewood

    • Enhancing the sound of their instruments through increased resonance

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    Artino Cello Pin Stopper

    The Artino resonance pin stoppers are designed to improve the playing experience of cellists by providing more ease and comfort while enhancing the sound of their instruments. These stoppers are made of hollow-bodied walnut and rosewood, which allows for increased resonance. 

    Using a rubber stopper on the cello spike wastes the sound and vibrations that travel down the spike's rod. The Artino resonance pin stopper can prevent your cello from slipping and improve its overall sound quality by utilising and maximising those vibrations.

    Your cello will stay securely in place with our non-slip rubber padding, ergonomic pinhole, sturdy wooden build, and support strap. The stopper's interior is made of hollow wood, which produces a rich and full sound for the instrument. It is also adjustable to accommodate different ages and heights.

    The strap of this product is adjustable in length and can be securely attached to the endpin stop on one end and a chair leg on the other. It also has a slip-proof rubber material for added safety. You can easily set the desired length and have it ready to use whenever you need to play!

    The strap may only sometimes be needed since the back of the endpin stop has a rubber material that can grip firmly on various surfaces.

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