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Vivacello Endpin Stopper - Blue

VIVACELLO cello end-pin rests a patented, three-point design that ensures superior traction and resists slippage more effectively, especially on uneven surfaces.

• Heavy-duty metal cup

• Replaceable rubber feet 

• Patented three-point design ensuring superior maximum grip.

• Crafted from durable polycarbonate tough plastic

• The spike holder section consists of a hardened insert.

• Color: Blue

$25.45 Price

Artino Cello Pin Stopper

Artino resonance pin stoppers improve cello playing with ease, comfort, and better sound.

• Ergonomic pinhole

• Non-slip rubber padding

• Produces a rich and full sound

• Support strap with adjustable length

• Made of hollow-bodied walnut and rosewood

• Enhancing the sound of their instruments through increased resonance

$40.86 Price

D'Addario End Pin Anchor for Cello and Double Bass

The D'Addario End Pin Anchor helps prevent the cello or bass from slipping and moving while playing and protects the floor from scratches.

• Durable rubber construction protects the floor.

• Specially designed, durable rubber construction.

• This product can securely hold onto various surfaces.

• It prevents slipping or damaging the floor caused by spikes.

• It helps protect the endpin from slipping or moving during play.

• The textured design improves grip on both the floor and the instrument.

$31.81 Price


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